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Kyo Ritu Art Grand Opening in Cubao AliMall. 
23rd-Oct-2009 08:43 am
yamada takayuki

Kyo Rito Art Photo Studio had a grand opening last Saturday, October 13, 2009 at Cubao AliMall.   Not your typical photo studio, Kyo Ritu Art caters to taking studio shots in cosplay.  Yes, that's right, cosplay.  While it's not unheard of for cosplayers renting out a photo studio to have their cosplays photoshoots, this is probably the first studio that actually focuses on cosplay.   A great concept, if you ask me, especially with the boom of cosplay in today's generation and the growing appeal of wearing some sort of costume.

Sese and I had heard about the photo studio way back in August and we were pretty much excited when we got news that they were launching this October.  Once you enter the shop, you can already see that this was not your typical photo studio.  Instead of seeing pictures on the wall or a set menu of services, there were costumes of all shapes and sizes.  They also had weapon props displayed on the wall as well as various colored wigs.  Some of the costumes are of basic design, some from anime and from games.  I personally found the Sora costume from Kingdom Hearts for kids adorable.  LOL.

Kyo Ritu Art also flew in their in-house photographer all the way from Japan, Mr Katsuhiro Nishikawa (or if you prefer Nishikawa Katsuhiro-san XD).  I am curious as how good is he but from what I hear, he's used to taking cosplay photos so it should really be interesting to see.


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