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Home from Otaku Taiki 
23rd-Aug-2009 01:03 pm
yamada takayuki
I've been actually home hours ago.  I went to Otaku Taiki earlier to meet with a bunch of friends, take pictures and meet new people.  It was fun.  Sese accompanied me the whole day.  She came in costume though nothing particular.  It broke my brain though.  XD.  Ings came and met us with some cosplay ideas.  Chepot and Jake came later and met us outside of the event.  So many people.

Forgive me if I missed anyone, great seeing Tessa, Mica, Gian, Nilopie, Lyron, Kenneth, Denz, Apol, Mao, Nel (omg nagpakita ka), Kune, JJ, Peppy, Dave, Pepper... erm who else.. lol.

I will write my thoughts about the event later.  See yah!

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